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Dentists are perhaps the most personal type of health care most people will ever encounter. Dentists are "in your face" and "in your mouth"... maybe the most personal part of your body, so it's important to select one that you are fully comfortable with.

But what happens when a patient feels they've made the wrong choice? Sometimes they react in a way that is threatening to the dentist and his or her livelihood. And sometimes they feel the need to "call in the law". When that happens the dentist needs help. Help in the form of legal representation from one who can be called a "dentist lawyer". We are a highly respected legal firm filling that niche.

Our expert trial attorneys — often called a "dentist lawyers" because of their specialized expertise in defending dentists in legal matters, have "been there and done that" when it comes to legal matters in the dental field. We have represented dentists in legal cases for well over 50 years. In that time our dentist lawyers have rectified many a case where the patient has cried "foul" for reasons that are simply not the fault of the dentist. We have the skill and deep experience to successfully navigate the twists and turns of a situation that can easily scale out of hand and reign it in to desired outcome on the part of the dentist.

This is why our reputation in our field is second to none. Over the years Bonne Bridges has been recognized by legal organizations as top dentist lawyers in our field. Organizations like the American Board of Trial Advocates, The American College of Trial Lawyers, and The International Academy of Trial Lawyers have all placed the expertise of our firm in the top groups of law firms that specialize in the medical field. Over the ears we've been consistently placed among the "best lawyers" by such respected legal evaluation organizations such as;; and

In fact, there are few law firms boasting the track record of success as dentist lawyers that we can call up. That's exactly the reason why any dentist would be making a wise choice by consulting with us first should they ever find themselves in need of a dentist lawyers who can mitigate a pending legal problem and "make it go away".

A call to one of our dentist lawyers will demonstrate pretty quickly that experience is the best tool available when a legal problem arises that could damage your reputation — and worse yet, harm your dental practice.

Call Bonne Bridges for the best dentist lawyers expertise in all of California and get back to what you do best: creating great smiles!


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